About Dr. Edwin L. Blum
  • General Editor, Holman Christian Standard Bible®
    The general editor of the Holman CSB® is Dr. Edwin Blum, a former pastor, seminary professor, ministry leader, and businessman. Dr. Blum and his family moved to Houston in 1962, where he became pastor of the 30-member Bethel Independent Presbyterian Church. Over the next ten years, he received his Th.D. in New Testament from Dallas Theological Seminary, began post-doctoral study at Rice University, and saw his congregation grow to more than 500. Returning to Dallas, Dr. Blum served as pastor of the 1,500-member Believer’s Chapel and joined the faculty of DTS, where he was awarded tenure as an associate professor of historical theology.

    In 1977, Blum earned a doctorate of theology magna *** laude from the University of Basel, Switzerland. The following year, he became a co-founder of Trinity Fellowship near Dallas, where he served as pastor and teacher until 1984. Blum was general director of the Christian Medical Society, and spent more than a decade in corporate management, before assisting the first general editor of the Holman CSB, Art Farstad. He became general editor when Farstad died in 1998.

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