About Dr. Boyd Luter
  • Boyd Luter is Pastor of Comal Country Church, Canyon Lake, TX and Adjunct
    Online Professor of New Testament for Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary,
    Lynchburg, VA. His wife, Cindy, is a physician’s assistant at Scottish Rite Children’s
    Hospital in Dallas. Their children are grown.

    Luter is a graduate of Mississippi State University (B.S.) and Dallas Theological
    Seminary (Th.M., Ph.D.) and has done additional graduate study at Mississippi State
    University, Harding Graduate School of Religion and Jerusalem University College.
    Luter has taught biblical studies and theology full-time for 15 years at Crichton College,
    LeTourneau University, Talbot School of Theology, Cedarville University and Criswell
    College (where he was also Dean of Faculty), plus part-time or in adjunct roles at Golden
    Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Ashland Theological Seminary and Southwestern
    Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as overseas at Bible training institutes in Ukraine
    and the Philippines. He has also pastored three churches in Texas for 13 years, as well as
    interim pastorates in Texas, California and Ohio.

    Luter’s doctoral dissertation was “A New Testament Theology of Discipling” (Dallas
    Seminary, 1985). His books include Looking Back, Moving On (NavPress, 1993),
    Truthful Living: What Christianity Teaches about Recovery (with Kathy McReynolds;
    Baker Books, 1994), God behind the Seen: Expositions of the Books of Ruth and Esther
    (with Barry Davis; Baker Books, 1995/Second Edition, Christian Focus Publications,
    2003), Disciplined Living: What the New Testament Teaches about Recovery and
    Discipleship (with Kathy McReynolds; Baker Books, 1996), Women as Christ’s
    Disciples (with Kathy McReynolds; Baker Books, 1997/Second Edition, Christian Focus
    Publications, 2003 [Crossings Book Club Edition, 2004]) and Inspired Preaching: A
    Survey of Preaching in the New Testament (with Richard Wells; Broadman & Holman,

    Luter has published articles and book reviews in Bibliotheca Sacra, Journal of
    Pastoral Practice, Christian Education Today, Criswell Theological Review, Sundoulos,
    Journal of Psychology and Theology, Decision, Bulletin for Biblical Research, Trinity
    Journal, New Testament Studies, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society and
    Faith and Mission. He has contributed segments, entries or chapters to the Evangelical
    Commentary on the Bible, Anchor Bible Dictionary, Holman Bible Handbook, Dictionary
    of Paul and His Letters, The Complete Who’s Who of the Bible, Dictionary of the Later
    New Testament and Its Developments, Israel: the Land and the People, The Wisdom of
    Jesus, Holman Concise Bible Commentary, Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions,
    Interpreting the New Testament, Baker Commentary on the Bible, Dictionary of the Old
    Testament: Pentateuch and Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics. He also paraphrased
    Revelation for the forthcoming Holman Christian Standard Bible Children’s Bible.
    The Holman Christian Standard Bible Study Bible, for which Luter wrote the notes
    on “Luke,” “Galatians” and “Revelation,” is the sixth study Bible project in which he
    has participated. He was an Associate Editor and the Lead Writer for the Life Recovery
    Bible (Tyndale, 1992), the notes of which were also utilized for the more recent New
    Living Translation edition of the LRB (Tyndale, 1996) and somewhat rewritten for the
    Spiritual Renewal Bible (Zondervan, 1998). He also contributed to the Nelson Study
    Bible (Thomas Nelson, 1997) and the Apologetics Study Bible (Broadman & Holman,

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