We are incredibly excited to announce the May Update for MyStudyBible.com! This one has been a long time coming and one of our most requested feature sets!

You are now able to make notes, bookmarks, and highlights in all MyStudyBible.com content. Bibles, commentaries, academic books, dictionaries, and even your video clip lists! It's as simple as it's always been; just highlight the text and a popup appears. From here you can add whatever kind of annotation you like.


But, of course, adding this feature opened up a whole new array of things you can now do with your content! So, here's a list of things to try with all the new features and tools sprinkled throughout MyStudyBible.com:

1) Create a shortcut

You can now create a short link to any location in any piece of content in the site. Simply highlight the text and select "copy link." If the content is free, any clicks on that link will take the user directly to that location. If it is paid content, whoever clicks the link will be taken to the product page for that book in the store.

For example, click here to be taken to a page in the Holman New Testament Commentary on John, one of the free commentaries on the site.

Or, click here to be taken to a location in the Resolution for Men to see what happens with paid content.

2) Share on Facebook

When you click the share on Facebook link, we automatically send the link on over to Facebook for you. Add in your comment, and the post the link right to your wall!

3) Share on Twitter

Whatever you highlight gets sent right into Twitter, right away. Of course, if you highlight more than 140 characters you'll have to reduce it down, OR...

4) Use Advanced Copy

If you click on Advanced Copy, you get a whole slew of options for formatting the text to be just the way you want it. You can choose whether to include the formatting, the book's title, the author's name, links in it, or just reduce it to 140 characters for bite-sized tweeting.

5) Double up your highlighting

Now, for the first time in MSB, you can create multiple highlights over the same section. Whatever color you highlight with last is the color that appears, but the old highlight is still remembered. You can also now highlight and underline the same passage.


6) Use the My Highlights tool

After you log in, you are given a new tab on the right that says "My Content." You've always been able to manage your notes and bookmarks here, but now we've added controls for your highlights. Add or delete highlights, change names of the highlights, jump straight to a highlight, or even change the name of a color! Perhaps "yellow" is really everything you highlighted that spoke about grace to you; just change the name!

7) View your annotations on your mobile device

Once you've placed an annotation using the full MyStudyBible.com site, those same annotations - highlights, bookmarks and notes - all show up on the mobile site. If you haven't tried MyStudyBible.com on your iPhone or Android device, you're missing out on a great, compact reading experience!


And that's just a peek at what we've been building into the site for this release. There are even more things going on in the backend that you won't even notice, all to increase the performance, stability, and integration of the site. Even now, purchases from MyStudyBible.com also sync with getting access to content in some of our iPhone apps - with much more to come!

Of course, what would be a major release without the release of some major content? This release features over 100 new titles! That's simply too much to list. But, if you're looking for a great deal to kickstart your MyStudyBible.com library, check out the WORDsearch Preaching Library, now available in MyStudyBible.com: over $5,000 worth of content for only $400!