It's time for the March 2012 update!

iOS App Integration

7 and Tribal Church

We have now expanded the LifeWay ID services to two iOS apps, 7 by Jen Hatmaker and Tribal Church by Steve Stroope. What this means is you can use your same login to view content in both and these apps. If you purchase unlimited access to either 7 or Tribal Church at, you can read the full text in their respective iOS apps. And, of course, the opposite is true; if you buy the full book in either of those apps that title will show up with unlimited access in!

Mobile Updates (

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Our most requested mobile feature is now available! When you are looking at content in the Tools window of the mobile site, you had a limited view of the content. Now, instead of pressing "Read" and having it take over the Reading window, you can press "Read More." This will open the rest of the entry right there on the screen, keeping you in sync with the Bible content up top. Shortcuts

Have you been using the shortcuts? Following this guide, you can easily create shortcuts to passages in the Bible. Now, when you click on them in your mobile device they take you to the proper place in the mobile site. Of course, you might want an even easier way to share those short cuts, which leads us to...


Main Site Updates (

Facebook and Twitter Sharing

We know that sharing your favorite verse or passage is important. Sometimes as you're reading, you just want to hit a button and add it to your social feed. We have made it so that when you highlight any verse, you can click right away to share on Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook we send over the link; on Twitter we copy in whatever text you chose to highlight.

Search in Library

We are finding that a lot of people are adding new content to their library on a regular basis. But what happens when you get too much in there? You need a way to find your content right away. You can now search by author name or title within your own library, and get results for what you currently have access to. Of course, not everything at costs money; we have a plethora of free titles. So many free titles, in fact, that we had to add...

Library Management

I know, it sounds like a lame tool. But this is probably my favorite new feature, because we had to include it. We've got so many free titles now that we didn't want to clutter up your library - and we wanted to be sure that we could add more free stuff in the future! So, you now can click on "Edit Library" and select titles to be removed from your screen. Of course, free titles can always be added back in. But where do you get those free titles?

Free on MyStudyBible

That's right. We now have a whole category for our free titles. What are you waiting for - open up the store and get those books in your library! Someone's got to read them - it might as well be you!

New Content

1.    Reformation Study Bible

2.    John Wesley's Commentary 

3.    Hodge - A Commentary on 1 Corinthians

4.    Hodge - A Commentary on 2 Corinthians 

5.    Hodge - A Commentary on Ephesians 

6.    Hodge - A Commentary on Romans 

7.    Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown's Commentary

8.    Treasury of David 

9.    Luther's Commentary on Galatians 

10.  Anointed Expository Preaching

11.  A Minister's Treasury of Funeral & Memorial Messages 

12.  Preaching From Paul 

13.  The Sermon: It's Homiletical Construction 

14.  Lectures on Preaching 

15.  Lectures on the History of Preaching 

16.  Expository Preaching 

17.  Sermons & Addresses 

18.  Principle Preaching 

19.  The Making of the Sermon 

20.  The Art of Alliterated Sermons