Today, moved to its next major milestone with a fully HTML5 mobile site that has been optimized for the iPhone and Android devices, added some new features to the main site for a better experience, and loaded in a plethora of new free and paid content to enhance your Biblical study.

The Mobile Site

Accessible by going to, our mobile version gives you access to all of your free and purchased content in a quick, responsive way - but also with the deep integration that you've come to expect from your library. When you first come to the mobile version of our site, you'll see the Biblical text supported with the cross reference tools. As always, by visiting - without even registering - you get access to the complete, award-winning HCSB Study Bible notes.

Multiple Bibles

Within the mobile site you have access to all of the Bibles that are available, including the Chinese and Spanish translations we have available.

Dynamic Cross Reference Tools

As you scroll through the Bible or any text that has a Bible verse, the tools section will update to relevant information. You can choose from all kinds of tools to have displayed and updated, including study notes, related commentaries, and dictionaries. Of course, any content you own that works within the tools will work on the mobile site as well. Cross reference tools available in the mobile version include:

  • Study Bible notes
  • Word Study
  • Dictionary
  • Pronunciation
  • Commentary
  • Footnotes

Complete Library of Content

Clicking on either the settings button or the library icon will enable you to sign in and get access to all of your library. In the settings area you have some basic controls for display and - most importantly - can adjust the size of the font to your liking.

Mobile Search

Finally, as you're on the go, you can pull up the mobile site for a quick search through the entire Bible or the entire library. When you search you're given a drop down option to search your library or the Bible you currently have open. We're pretty happy with how quickly we're able to run the search through all our resources and get you back what you're looking for; please, give it a try!


New Features

On the main site, we've continued to work towards making your experience customized to how you like to study. The biggest update to our main site is enhanced speed on the site. We've worked hard to optimize the flow of content and site things like images to get them to you as quick as possible. We know that getting the information to you fast is important, and we're continually working towards performance enhancements just for that.

Tool Management

If you register and sign in to the site, you'll find that the cross-reference tools tab has a new settings icon in it. If you click on that icon, you'll be taken to our new Tool Management feature. Here, you get to control all the elements of the cross-reference tool:

  • Display order of the Tools
  • Display order of content in the Tools
  • Turning on or off Tools
  • Turning on or off content in the Tools
  • Turning on or off seeing results for content you don't own

We hope people take advantage of customizing the tool to best suit their needs and utilize the user interface options to create a study atmosphere that works for them.

Exporting Notes

Our personal notes feature just got a lot more powerful with the ability to print or download your individual notes. When you open a note to read or edit it, you will see the icons for printing or downloading in the notes workspace. Each note can now be downloaded as a PDF, Word document, or a plain TXT file.


Show/Hide User Marks

If you are logged in and go to the settings on the site, there are three new options available to registered users:

  • Show My Bookmarks Icons
  • Show My Notes Icons
  • Show My Highlights

This way, if you want just a clean reading experience you can turn all these notifiers off.


Pronunciation Tool

One feature that we've had since launch is a pronunciation guide for whatever verse you are on. Dependent upon your focus verse, we display key words from that verse with an audio file of how to properly say it. This was previously in the Dictionary tool, but we found that a lot of people simply hadn't seen the capability and we wanted to be sure that everyone had a chance to dive in deep with it - and be aware it even existed! These pronunciations are now under their own Pronunciation Tool in the cross reference tools tab.

Show More in Cross Reference Pane

And, finally, you can now expand the cross reference results from within the cross reference pane. There are now two options from within the cross reference pane: "See More" to open in the tool or "Read" to open in the full reader.


New Content

We've added quite a bit of content this go around... so here we go!




(these new, free volumes can be found under the "Teaching" category)

Great Expectations

3D Sunday School

Transformational Class

Invite I-6: A Six-Lane Strategy Toward an Inviting Sunday School

The 5-Step Formula for Sunday School Growth

The Discover Triad

Connect 3


Paid Content



Introduction to True Love Waits

When True Love Doesn't Wait

Arm Yourself Against the Enemy's Schemes

Real Freedom: The Journey, the Stories

Experience a Fresh Explosion of Faith

Is That You, God?

Dare to Love

Surrendering the Secret

La Iglesia Que Dios USA para Transformar

Girls Ministry Idea Book

Girls Ministry Handbook

Path of Purity

Reclaiming Stolen Intimacy

KNOWN/Fall 2011 Leader Guide


Encountering the Manuscripts

Paul and His Letters

A History of Israel

The Heart of Hebrew History

The Heart of the New Testament

52 Words Every Christian Should Know

Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions

A Simplified Harmony of the Gospels 

131 Christians That Everyone Should Know

4000 Questions and Answers on the Bible

My Favorite Illustrations 

1000 Illustrations for Preaching and Teaching  

A Theology for the Church

Old Testament Survey, 2nd Edition

Jesus and the Gospels

A Summary of Christian History

An Introduction to Wisdom and Poetry of the Old Testament

Holman Illustrated Guide to Interpreting the Bible

A Heart Like His

Believing God

Breaking Free

Jesus the One and Only

Praying God's Word

The Beloved Disciple

To Live Is Christ 

When Godly People Do Ungodly Things

Courageous Living


Holman QuickSource Bible Atlas

Holman Quicksource Bible Dictionary

Holman QuickSource Guide to Christian Apologetics

Holman QuickSource Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls

Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Creation

Holman QuickSource Guide to Understanding Jesus 

Holman Quicksource Guide to Understanding the Bible 

The Names of God

Now You're Speaking My Language

The Love Dare

The Resolution For Men

The Resolution for Women

Ryrie's Practical Guide to Communicating Bible Doctrine

100 Top Picks For Homeschool Curriculum: Choosing The Right Curriculum And Approach For Your Child's Learning Style

Fresh Ideas For Women's Ministry: Creative Plans and Programs that Really Work!

The Minirth Guide for Christian Counselors

Perspectives on Children's Spiritual Formation

Perspectives on Christan Worship

Perspectives on Church Government

Perspectives on Election

Perspectives on Family Ministry

Perspectives on Spirit Baptism

Perspectives on the Doctrine of God: Four Views

Perspectives on the Ending of Mark: Four Views

Perspectives on the Sabbath

Perspectives on Tithing

Perspectives on Your Child's Education