September 2011 Update: Video Player, Syncing, and More Content! September 2011 Update: Video Player, Syncing, and More Content!

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The September update for is simply packed with new features and content. We've been building towards this one for a long time - can you believe that has been around for over a year now! We've been able to continue to add features and content that you are requesting (literally - we really do read all the suggestions that come in from the feedback link!); I know a lot of you will be super-pleased with what we've added this time. Let's dive in, shall we?


Video Series

Our biggest edition for September is both a feature and a giant content set: we now have synced content videos including the 1,500 videos from Gene Getz's Life Essentials Study Bible. Just like all of the other study tools we offer, these videos are tagged and synced to the content you are reading. So, for example, if you browse to John 3:16 then any videos that reference that verse will automatically display in the video tool.

One issue we had to overcome is what to do if you are still viewing a video while you change the focus verse. Where we landed is that if you have started the playback of a video then change your verse location, we don't automatically take over and display a different video; if youve started a video we will instead just notify you that new videos are available.

In addition to the Gene Getz teaching videos, we have also added the Read the Bible for Life Scholar Series with George Guthrie. In these videos, Guthrie interview various scholars about the importance of and how to read the Bible, including scholars like Danny Hays and Darrell Bock. Both the 1,500 Life Essentials Study Bible videos and the Read the Bible for Life Scholar Series videos are completely free to both registered and unregistered users of

Let's be honest; 1,500 videos is a lot of videos. Pair that with some simply amazing study notes from the Life Essentials Study Bible, and we decided to go out of our way to make sure that this content could be easily and readily used by you. As such, we developed a custom version of that you can check out at Here the Life Essentials content gets its own tab in the right-hand pane, so you can easily get to that specific content.



In-Text Verse Syncing

In, we have the concept of a focus verse; whatever verse is your current focus verse when reading the Biblical text controls all of the study tools that sync in the right-hand pane. We've expanded this content to be for any verse in any text you are reading. So, for example, if you are reading "Gospel" by J.D. Greear, the first verse reference in Chapter 1 is Matt. 22:37-39. When this verse enters your screen, all of the study tools now sync to content based upon Matt. 22:37-39. This means that all of your content is fully integrated with the syncing system, allowing your content to truly come to life for the deepest Bible study experience on the web. Every text and commentary now has dynamic tools that can help lead you on a path to better understanding of the Biblical text.


Enhanced Searching

With each release, we continue to enhance and refine our search tools. In this release, we have added the ability to search directly within the current Bible translation you are reading. If you have the HCSB text open in the reader and go to do a search, you will now get an option to search just that translation for whatever terms you enter.

Additionally, as we continue to add content, we want to be sure that you're able to find your favorite author. In the updated store design, you can now search the store for specific titles or authors. For example, if you search for Beth Moore while in the store's search, all of the titles from her in the system will appear.


Improved iPad Experience

From the beginning, we've been proud to be able to say that the entire site worked on the iPad. Alas, we heard that some people weren't 100% happy with the implementation (including me!), so we reworked quite a bit of the presentation layer of our site to make sure the site would be optimized for the iPad. The site now fits properly on the screen, and we've help new iPad users by informing them of the two-finger touch control in order to scroll through the reader pane. Additionally, we made sure that the video play works on the iPad too - so you don't have to miss out on the videos just because you're on a tablet!


Improved Sign-In Experience

We found that certain browsers were having trouble with registering and signing in to the site; we have corrected this issue as well.


View and Purchase Individual Commentary Volumes

Previously we only had the option to purchase an entire commentary set. Each set now has the option in the store to "View Series" in order to see more details and purchase individual volumes from that series. And yes, the Gospel commentaries from the Holman New Testament Commentary Series are still completely free to both registered and unregistered user!


New Content

Finally, we've added quite a bit of content to the site! Check out a few of the new titles we've added here:

  • Gospel by J.D. Greear
  • Spiritual Leadership by Henry Blackaby
  • The New American Commentary Series
  • The Message
  • The Amplified Bible
  • The Holman Treasury of Key Bible Words
  • The Life Essentials Study Bible Notes
  • What Every Christian Ought to Know: Day by Day by Adrian Rogers
  • Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay


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  • I just purchased your bible but have Samsung tablet instead of an iPad and I cannot open any of the qr sites

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