The @StudyBibleTeam is incredibly excited to introduce the next release of features for Highlights, Bookmarks, and Notes!  By adding the ability to log in to the site, we're now able to give you the basic tools needed to start engaging with the content in a deeper manner - by adding your own notes and markers for thought and future reference.

Creating a Profile and Logging In
In order to create notes and customizations, you must first register or log in.  By clicking on the link to the left of your screen you'll be presented with a few options on how to log in now and in the future.  We currently offer three solutions for you to log in using other online services, if there's one you prefer:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google ID

We are also introducing an exciting new way to log-in to by using your LifeWay ID.  Currently also being used by LifeWay's VBS community, registering for this sign-in solution will give you a chance to grab your spot in LifeWay's ID system.  You'll be hearing more about the LifeWay ID in coming months; we hope you'll give it a try.  After logging in, the new features will be available to you and your notes and customizations will saved in the cloud, so when you log in from a different computer everything will be just the way you like it!


Highlighting allows you to create a visual highlight in the reading pane for any Bible verse.  Simply highlight the text like you would in any word processing software and, when you release, you'll be shown an expanded options box.  Clicking one of the colors up top will highlight the verse with that color so it can stand out in future readings.



My Bookmarks
Bookmarks allow you to create quick jumping points to different verses.  After adding a bookmark you can reorder it in your bookmark list, or rename the bookmark so you can remember why the verse was so special to you.  Feel free to watch this quick video for a tutorial on using Bookmarks in



My Notes
The My Notes feature of is one of the most anticipated features, and we're happy to open it up for everyone to use and get feedback from you!  You can add notes to any verse in the Bible, with basic editing functionality.  When you create or edit a note, you are able to tag it what various topics or keywords to help you organize the notes however you like.  You can view the introduction to using My Notes in here.



Thanks and, as always, please send us your thoughts and feedback.  We love hearing from our users so when know what to build for you next!