With much excitement, the @StudyBibleTeam is proud to introduce our March Update of MyStudyBible.com!


The past few months we've been quietly fixing bugs on the site, preparing for future updates, and making sure all the pieces and parts fit for different browsers and services.  A large part of this release has been "under-the-hood" work... but you don't care about that.  Let's dive into the good stuff!


Advanced Copy and Paste Features

With this release we are introducing an Advanced Copy feature for Bible verses.  In your browser, simply highlight a verse and you will be presented with a few new options: Copy Text (this is a simple copy of the text), Copy Link (copies a link to the verse), and Advanced Options.

Clicking Advanced Options gives you full control of the Biblical text you are copying and pasting.  You can turn on/off headers, verse numbers, or limit the content to 140 characters for easy Tweeting.  The full list of options are:

  • Headings
  • Verse Numbers
  • Footnotes
  • Reference
  • Translation
  • Formatting
  • Links
  • Limit to 140 Characters
  • Turn On/Off HTML Links


From this screen you can also easily share your favorite verse.  Pressing the Facebook button starts a post for you with the link to the verse already created.  Pressing the Twitter button starts a new tweet for you with the first 140 characters; we don't auto-tweet so you can edit!


Short Links to MyStudyBible.com Content

When you use the new Copy tool, you may notice a "Copy Link" button for Bible verses.  You can now easily get links to direct verses for any translation in MyStudyBible.com!


Click this link to see it in action: MSB.to/Jn3:16


In this release only Bible verses have the links automatically created for you, but fret not; check out this post for how to create links to all of the free content in MyStudyBible.com.


New Content


We've added to the library of content that is fully integrated with MyStudyBible.com!  This update we've added a new translation, the New American Standard Bible, provided compliments of the Lockman Foundation.  The NASB was first released in the 1960s and we're proud to have this highly regarded translation, know for its literal translation, as another resource for studying the Bible on MyStudyBible.com.


We added a few more resources to go deeper with understanding the words and history of the Bible, too:


Please don't forget the most important feature of our site: the Feedback link.  We are building this site for you, listening to the needs and requests of our users.  The feedback you send from that form will be read by a member of the @StudyBibleTeam; please don't hesitate to send on your thoughts!


Thanks, and Explore More with MyStudyBible.com!