Greetings from the @StudyBibleTeam!  We are incredibly excited to be able to release the December Update for today!

Sync Controls

When you visit, you will see a new Sync icon between the main reading pane and the study panel.  This new features gives you even more control over your study experience.

By keeping the sync icon on, whatever verse you are looking at in the reading pane will sync with the content in the cross-reference tab of the study panel; that's how it's been since launch.  However, now you can turn the sync off, in case you want to keep the cross reference tab's content where it is, while exploring other scripture.  The sync is also on a per-content basis. In other words, if you have multiple items open in the reading pane, you can turn it on/off for individual content.  Again, making it easy to be sure that what's showing up in the cross-reference tab is what your'e wanting to see.

Read in Parallel/Sync

Now you can read multiple translations at the same time, in parallel!  By opening a second Bible translation with the "Read in Parallel" button from the Library, two Bibles will be open; one in the reading pane and one in the cross-reference pane.  Now, with the sync controls, you can keep both translations tied together at the same verse.

Of course, it's not just Bible translations that can be read in Parallel. Select Study Note volumes and Commentaries can be opened via "Read in Sync."  Doing so will tie the content to the main reading pane.  For example, if you open the Holman New Testament Commentary for Mark via "Read in Sync," the commentary will open in the cross-reference pane.  Once you navigate your Bible to Mark 1:1, the commentary will automatically follow along as you move forward in the text.

Please feel free to send us feedback on the Sync tools and how your'e utilizing them!

Chinese Translations: CSB and CUV

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have added two new translations to the CSB and CUV.  With over 1.3 billion Chinese speakers in China alone, we wanted to be sure that the largest number of people possible could study the Bible online.  The CSB is a new translation of the Biblical text, and has been developed in partnership with the Asia Bible Society.  You can read about the translation here:

The CUV is the most well-known Chinese language Bible; you can read more about it here.

And, of course, the English-language translations and the Chinese-language translations can be read in-parallel!


As always, please let us know what you like about the new features and what you want to see us add to both here and on the site!