One of the most exciting parts of developing a site like is all of the features and ideas we get to build towards.  The @StudyBibleTeam has a number of ideas we've been cooking for over a year now but, most importantly, we've received a TON of feedback from our users since launch.  We love hearing from you and - even more so - we love being able to deliver enhancements that meet your needs.

This month we've worked on cleaning up the UI experience for better study experiences and the most requested feature we've had: search!


There was no question that we would have search; ever since we turned on there's been a search box with "Coming Soon" right there on the screen.  The question was, how could we best present all of the content to you after you enter your search term.  After searching for a term, we show the results in the cross reference including quick links to each content set we offer (i.e. Bibles, Commentaries, etc.).

Any of the titles in your library show up in the search results, with the first three results.  Simply click on "See more..." from that volume to explore more!

Full Screen

In our October release, we introduced Dynamic Sizing, so the site would fit into any size browser screen.  This time, we give you the option to push the boundaries and extend the reading panes to full screen.  By clicking the full screen icon from the main reading panel, we take away all the navigation elements that might get in your way of just simply studying the Bible and related works.  This feature also works great for presenting the Study Bible on projectors or TVs for group study.

New Windows

For each tab of content, we've added an icon for some additional functionality to the reader: 

From here you can open the text you are reading in a new window, with only that content showing, in full screen.  If you want to be able to just read with no distractions, this is the feature built for you!

Feedback Wanted!

As always, we still want your feedback for future features.  We have a lot of ideas in mind, but we want to meet your needs for studying the Bible online.  Please visit and click the feedback link at the bottom of the page.  The whole @StudyBibleTeam read and review those emails as we plan out future features; we hope to hear from you soon!